Saturday, December 31, 2005

AWO Report Card – 2005

CCV “A Way Out” (AWO) Program

(Overseen by Carol Wiley, Director of Victim Assistance)

AWO is the ONLY program in Memphis whose purpose is to assist women to permanently leave the sex-for-sale industry, namely topless clubs and prostitution, and restore them and their children to a life of health and wholeness using a comprehensive individualized methodology.

  • AWO recognized as a 2005 Samaritan Award Top Ten Winner. The Samaritan Award seeks to identify the most effective, privately funded charities in the United States, committed to helping individuals.
  • CCV now has access to a duplex in a pleasant neighborhood to house the women on a short-term basis until we are able to secure more permanent accommodations.
  • We received requests from 37 women for assistance in 2005. Eleven women were active in the AWO program and they brought a total of 23 children who were also helped.
  • The number of AWO total volunteers has grown to over 60. Eleven of these are mentors (trained to work with the clients) and the others serve on an as needed basis for food, transportation assistance, etc.
  • All women attend weekly growth group meetings and completed the following studies: Hiding from Love, Living beyond Yourself, Fool Proofing your Life, The Twelve Steps, Forgiveness and Sexual Addiction.
  • Each women attended weekly counseling with a licensed professional counselor or psychologist.
  • One woman is near completion of her Associates Degree and plans to continue at a 4-year college.
  • Several women are working on their GED; AWO is paying their fees.
  • One woman regained custody of her two daughters; legal fees were provided by AWO.
  • One woman came to us pregnant thinking she wanted to give her baby up for adoption but is now the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy she is parenting with new found skills from the AWO program.
  • Medical and dental care was provided for the women and their children. Two of the teenage daughters are so proud of their much needed orthodontia provided by two generous dentists.
  • AWO Clothes Closet helped both women and their children throughout the year.
  • Christmas 2005 was exciting as all the women in the program received Santa gifts to give to their children as well as gifts for themselves.

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