Monday, March 31, 2014

AWO Report Card – 2006

Overseen by Program Director Carol Wiley, CCV's A Way Out Program is the only program in Memphis whose purpose is to assist women to permanently leave the sex-for-sale industry, namely topless clubs and prostitution, and restore them and their children to a life of health and wholeness using a comprehensive individualized methodology.

  • AWO recognized in 2005 and again in 2006 as a Samaritan Award Top Ten Winner. The Samaritan Award seeks to identify the most effective, privately funded charities in the United States, committed to helping individuals. 
  • AWO was able to help 61 women and their children in 2006.
  • Every woman seeking assistance was told about the love and saving grace of God through Jesus Christ.
  • The number of AWO total volunteers has grown to over 100. Eleven are mentors (trained to work with clients) and the others serve on an as needed basis for food, transportation assistance, etc.
  • All women attend weekly growth group meetings completing multiple Bible studies and life skills and 12 step classes.
  • Each woman attends weekly counseling with a licensed professional counselor or psychologist.
  • Two women enrolled at Crichton College. One transferred from Southwest after completing two years and one is attending college for the first time. The first time student made straight A's while carrying a rigorous class load, meeting her program requirements, and giving birth to her first child.
  • Once 50 year old is working to complete her GED and plans to work with the elderly. 
  • One woman enrolled at Tennessee College of Cosmetology.
  • One woman was transitioned out of a residential program into her own home and regained custody of her four children.
  • Two women completed AWO requirements and graduated.
  • One of our graduates now volunteers to teach the children on Tuesday evenings while their moms are in Growth Group. 
  • CCV moved to a larger office space for the AWO Program. We now have a children's room, a separate clothes closet, and a large meeting room in addition to our offices.
  • AWO received a wonderful down payment on our dream to have our own residential facility for the women and children. A couple in California read about us in World Magazine and donated $70,000 designated for the purchase of a house for AWO participants.
  • AWO's Clothes Closet helped both women and their children throughout the year.
  • Medical and dental care was provided for the women and children. 
  • Christmas 2006 was exciting as all the women in AWO received personal gifts and gifts to give their children.
  • Wiley and the women shared the AWO story and their personal testimonies in many venues in 2006.

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