Monday, March 31, 2014

AWO Report Card – 2007

Overseen by Program Director Carol Wiley, CCV's A Way Out Program is the only program in Memphis whose purpose is to assist women to permanently leave the sex-for-sale industry, namely topless clubs and prostitution, and restore them and their children to a life of health and wholeness using a comprehensive individualized methodology.
  • AWO was recognized for the third time by The Acton Institute as a Samaritan Award Winner. This year AWO placed 2nd out of over 300 applicants. AWO was awarded $1,000 and was featured in World Magazine for a third time.
  • AWO hired a part-time assistant director to work with the full-time program director.
  • AWO helped 37 women and their children in varying degrees in 2007. 14 women and their children were given extensive help. AWO closed out the year with 9 women and 18 kids active in the program.
  • Every woman applying for services was told about God's love and saving grace through Jesus Christ.
  • The number of volunteers in AWO has grown from to 183 serving on the Transportation Committee, the Clothes Closet Committee, the Prayer Committee, the Christmas Angel Project, the Children's Ministry, leading group studies, or mentoring. 
  • All program participants attend weekly Bible study and recovery classes.
  • Each woman participated in individual counseling with a licensed professional counselor or psychologist.
  • One of our women is a junior at Crichton College and is serving as an intern in AWO.
  • The woman that had just started Cosmetology College at the time of our last report is close to completion and will graduate in 2008.
  • One woman passed her GED with a high enough score to qualify for scholarship funds and plans to become a nurse. 
  • Two of the newer women in the program are working on their GEDs.
  • Clothes were provided for the women and children through AWO's clothes closet.
  • we have a Clothes Closet Committee Chair who manages the closet donations and makes sure the closet is stocked and organized. 
  • AWO Director Wiley and a program participant were featured on TBN's "Praise the Lord" Program.
  • AWO Director and CCV Executive Director were featured on TBN's "Our Town" Program.
  • AWO Director did a TV interview for the Library Channel which will air during January 2008.
  • AWO Director and one of the women were privileged to speak at the Women's Ministry Luncheon at Independent Presbyterian.
  • AWO Director and on eof the women were guest speakers at Central Church's Women's Ministry Dinner with 500 plus in attendance. 
  • AWO Director and one of the women shared at a large Bible study for young mothers at Second Presbyterian.
  • AWO representatives were privileged to participate at the Mission Conferences and speak to Sunday School classes at most of our sponsoring churches.
  • Medical and dental care were provided for the women and children.
  • A new DVD was completed about AWO for recruiting volunteers and fundraising efforts.
  • A mentor's husband who is a songwriter wrote a special song for the ministry entitled, "A Way Out".
  • We have 3 new mentors who are ready to be given a mentee.
  • AWO children attended a grief and recovery seminar, Growing Seasons.

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