Monday, March 31, 2014

AWO Report Card - 2013

AWO is a program to help women and their children escape the darkness of the sex trafficking industry, namely street prostitution, dancing in strip clubs, and working in escort services and massage parlors. The program also offers women who have been arrested and served time for their involvement in the sex trafficking industry an opportunity for a new start. The goal is to help them by giving them a hand up, not a hand out. That is, opportunity to work hard to overcome the trauma, the emotional and physical abuse, and issues that often began in childhood, thus becoming capable of not only entering the workforce but keeping a job.
  • AWO received requests from 41 women and 11 children who were assisted in varying degrees in 2013.
  • AWO is basically a volunteer run program. We have 2.5 staff members and over 175 volunteers who:
    • Mentor
    • Provide meals for Growth Group and other events
    • Plan and carry out special events
    • Help with rides
    • Teach various classes
    • Serve on the prayer committee
    • Donate clothes
    • Organize the clothes closet
    • Help with childcare
    • Help with Broken Pieces-Mended Lives Work Project
    • Adopt women and children for our Christmas Angel Project
    • Provide entry level jobs
  • New community Partners were added through luncheons and planned meetings.
  • AWO held training sessions for 25 plus new volunteers.
  • AWO had 8 ladies complete Intensive Outreach Addiction and Life Skill Classes.
  • AWO added a computer lab with 5 student desktop computers, 1 teaching laptop, 1 projector, and two printers and Job Skill and Computer Training Classes began for AWO women.
  • Broken Pieces Mended Lives continued to grow and a stipend was given to the women as their crosses sold.
  • AWO had one graduate who was able to get her three children back and with AWO's recommendation qualified for a Habitat for Humanity House for her family.
  • AWO had one program participant who graduated from the University of Memphis' Nursing School with honors just prior to graduating from AWO.

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